British nationals on Gulf Coast mourn death of Queen Elizabeth II

Published: Sep. 8, 2022 at 9:49 PM CDT
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - The only Queen they’ve known, Queen Elizabeth II passing suddenly on Thursday means tributes are pouring in all over the world honoring a woman larger than life.

“It’s a profound sadness, it’s the passing of an era,” British national Sonia Murray said.

“We grew up with the queen from the moment we were very young; so to kind of lose one of your own, especially someone so important,” British national Kevin Moore said. “It’s just a very emotional day.”

To her supporters, she was was more than a monarch, she was the rock and foundation of which England was built.

British nationals on the Gulf Coast are coming together, sharing memories of their role model.

“I remember attending the coronation, and then I watched the wedding - the beautiful princess and the beautiful prince, and then the christening of the children,” Murray said. “All my life, it’s been God save the Queen and it’s just so very sad.”

“Everybody is just in shock, because they always thought the queen was going to live to 1,000 years old - nobody likes to face up to it,” Moore said.

Their homes are a testament to the respect for the crown.

Trinkets and memorabilia of their homeland...still holding a special place in their hearts.

They stand in solidarity with the rest of England.

“The country will be in mourning for the next two to three weeks,” Moore said. “Probably in two to three weeks, that’s when they will bury her. So the government will be closed down and traffic will be stopped and when they do bury her, it will be the biggest parade in the world.”

From the time she is laid to rest and for years to come, her supporters will remember her reign and commitment to country.

“She’s never put her foot wrong,” Murray said. “She’s always been the perfect queen - a representation of honor and duty.”

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