Two developments go before Biloxi City Council

Keesler Federal Credit Union wants to expand onto land next to a neighborhood.
Published: Mar. 7, 2023 at 10:05 PM CST
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Two developments with lots of interest were on Tuesday’s city council agenda in Biloxi. Keesler Federal Credit Union wants to expand onto land next to a neighborhood, and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College wants to build a new road that connects its Harrison County Campus.

“We have been in Edgewater Estates for about nine years,” said resident Michael Lally. “I never thought we would have something like this behind our yard.”

A four-story building and a large parking lot are what Keesler Federal Credit Union wants to build as its new international headquarters.

It will be located next to the Edgewater Estates neighborhood, and Lally doesn’t want that to happen.

“Many of our neighbors and myself, we enjoy what we have right now -- the field. Many of our kids play there. We have neighbors that walk their dogs there. We also make it a point to keep the field neat and tidy. Having upwards of 1,200 more employees in this area can cause quite a bit of traffic. Possible drainage issues would be some of our other concerns,” Lally said.

The credit union wants the city to approve a zoning change for 19.5 acres.

The land south of the property is already zoned for limited business, and Keesler Federal wants to expand the zoning north.

Just a half mile west on Pass Road, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College wants to build a new road that will add more access to its campus.

“The less traffic we can put on Debuys is going to be better for everyone,” said MGCCC Harrison County Campus Vice President Cedric Bradley.

Bradley said with recent expansions like the performing arts center, a new connection to Pass Road is a necessity.

“When you think about DeBuys Road, obviously we know DeBuys Road is not without its challenges,” he said. “We have our brand new performing arts center which is a 1,200-seat center. We have this hospitality and resort management center. Then you add the addition of the new subdivision on Eula Drive, there can be a lot of traffic that can be coming in and out of this area.”

If that new road is approved, it will add yet another stop light onto Pass Road right between DeBuys and Eisenhower.

Some homeowners near the proposed road are not excited to have a new development in their backyards.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, Ward 5 Councilman Paul Tisdale asked to table the matter, saying MGCCC has not agreed to attend a meeting with homeowners who live near the proposed road development. The proposal will be back on the agenda in two weeks.

In regards to the property Keesler Federal wants to develop, the City Council vote was 4-3, resulting in the approval of the zoning request.

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